fusionLib keeps your application safe and secure

fusionLib is a PHP framework that helps you to build web applications that get noticed. fusionLib comes with built-in tools for validation & protection against an SQL injection, form attacks and more.

Small Footprint

A framework with a small footprint. You can use PHP for direct output or the built in template engine. By loading only what is required for the current request performance is maintained.

Industry Standards

Compatibility with industry standard shared hosting platforms. Flexible extensible architecture. fusionLib is also well commented and scalable. Compatible with PHP7.

Agile Framework

fusionLib promotes modular design and code reuse. Near zero configuration of the framework itself. fusionLib enables faster construction of web applications.

Develop projects faster by reusing generic components and modules

fusionLib is a PHP framework that helps you to build web applications that get noticed.

Why fusionLib?

The framework is designed to be lightweight and forgoes backward compatibility with versions of PHP prior to PHP 5 in order to help achieve that goal. It loads only the portions of the framework that are actually required to handle the current request.

clearFusion Digital
clearFusion Digital

clearFusion Digital specialise in delivering exceptional UX, Design, Development and Digital Content Management. We deliver stylish web designs quickly and completely responsive for mobile devices.

clearFusionCMS Content Management

Our clearFusionCMS is both developer and end-user friendly. clearFusionCMS is a robust CMS that allows experts and non-experts to quickly and easily manage high quality websites.

fusionCSS Responsive Framework

fusionCSS is a lightweight CSS framework that follows Googles material design guidelines. Built in LESS to make it easy to extend and customise. Designed for the needs of clearFusionCMS.

clearFusionCMS has been built using the fusionCSS & fusionLib frameworks.